Trailing Shoes

In order to use slurry optimally in growing crops low-emission spreading is important. Ideally this requires application at the soil surface with minimum leaf contamination, when achieved nutrients can be absorbed efficiently providing enhanced crop performance. Storth’s unique design of Trailing Shoe has been developed with this principle in mind and effectively parts the leaf prior to placing the slurry on the soil surface.

Vertical Fold Trailing Shoes are available for umbilical or tanker mounting with working widths of 5.6m, 6.2m and 7m.

Manufactured using a single beam frame the steering shoe units (+/-15°) are mounted via sprung steel carriers producing a shoe spacing of 225mm.

Each unit is fitted with two replaceable SG cast and blue hardened coulters which parts the plant leaf delivered slurry to the soil surface via a rubber placement boot.

Storth’s own NovaCut Distributor is installed to ensure consistent and accurate material processing. Mounted horizontally uniform distribution is guaranteed across all of the 40mm outlets despite any potential fluctuation in feed.

  • Robust Build Quality
  • Fully Galvanised
  • Heavy Duty 3 Point Linkage
  • Vertical Folding Booms
  • Hydraulic Lock Valves
  • Pivoting 2 piece 180° Swing Arm
  • 6” HD Gate Valve Control
  • NovaCut Distributor
  • 40mm Outlets
  • 51mm Super X Delivery Hose
  • 225mm Band Width
  • Sprung Steel Carriers
  • Steering +15/-15%
  • SG cast and blue hardened coulters
  • Rubber placement boots
  • Flow Meter Ready
  • Umbilical or Tanker Mounting
  • Optional 360° Twist joint
  • Optional Spread Plate(s)
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