Key Features

  • Retrofit to any make of tanker
  • Width range of 7.5m, 9m or 12m

  • Fully galvanised corrosion protection
  • Simple rear door mount with QuickHitch system (7.5m)
  • Flexible height adjustment system
  • Chassis mount QuickHitch systems (9m, 12m)
  • Simple Storth NovaCut distributor
  • Anti-block 51mm outlet pipes  63mm layflat placement pipes

  • LED Road lights
  • Hydraulic safety valves

System Advantages

  • Low ammonia, nitrate and phosphate emissions
  • 10% improvement on nutrient availability (v’s splash plate)
  • Reduced leaf contamination
  • Improved silage quality
  • Lower re-stocking times
  • Increased accuracy of placement
  • Clean operating equipment