Pump Choices

DODA – AFI Range

Being one of the most popular centrifugal chopper pumps in the UK market Storth took the decision to support the DODA pump from an early stage.

Slurry is initially shredded by means of a double chopping mechanism. After this the reverse impeller housing to impeller provide secondary material processing.

While installed with a mechanical seal, the split gearbox to pump housing design gives DODA its well-earned reputation for reliability.

Cri-Man PTH Range

Partners from day one, Cri-Man offer the most aggressive chopping mechanisms in the market.

The first chopping system consists of two chrome steel blades. These act in contrast to a spiral conveyor fitted to the gearbox shaft. With a speed of 1750min-1, this is the first and only chopping system that operates at over 170 cuts per second!

The second chopping system is provided by a shear cutting plate which acts in contrast to the sharp profile 380mm diameter impeller blades.

Impeller housing to gearbox security is provided by a silicon carbide and graphite-ceramic mechanical seal.

Bauer – Magnum SX Range

The most recent addition to the Storth centrifugal chopper pump stable, added due to its reputation for performance and reliability.

A unique spiral draw chopping mechanism integral to the impeller design works alongside the adjustable ribbed inlet housing (material GG25) to provide a consistent draw chop.

Slurry then passes into the chromium steel casting where the spheroidal graphite iron impeller with hardened cutting edges further chop and deliver the slurry (2600min-1)

Impeller housing to gearbox security is provided by a siliceous carbide mechanical seal with its own oil reservoir.

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