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Lagoon Mixer Range

We have developed the Lagoon Mixer range to create a more versatile range to suit different applications.

Suitable for 60-80 horse power tractors this range is suited to manage smaller capacity tanks and lagoons.

The Lagoon Mixer is built to last, the machine is fully galvanised and strengthened with a heavy duty box section running underneath the main driveline tube. Mixing depth in the lagoon is controlled by the hydraulic ram. A wooden steady bearing at the centre of the shaft allows for smooth running of the machine, along with a rubber fluted bearing at the propeller end which is lubricated by slurry, this allows for minimum maintenance.

Lagoon Mixer for Slalom System

The Storth Slalom system comprises of a galvanised frame to allow the Slalom mixer to be lowered into the chamber which locates into a wall bracket. The Galvanised frame allows the mixer to run at the optimum angle to allow the slurry to be circulated around the chambers. The machine has an option of two propellers, a push propeller and a pull propeller, dependant on application. PTO and Electric models available.

Lagoon Mixer with Wheels and Pick Up Hitch

We have developed the Standard Lagoon Mixer to be transportable at low speeds. When mixing, the wheels can be rotated to an upwards position to allow the correct angle of the mixer into the lagoon.

Pivoting Lagoon Mixer

The Pivoting Lagoon Mixer is the ideal machine for limited access into tanks. The propeller is protected by a galvanised protection ring. The mixer is pivoted into position by disconnecting the locking pin at the pivot point, lifting the tractor link arms and moving towards the access hole. Once located in the access hole the link arms will need to be lowered to allow the machine to mix at the correct angle.

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