Lagoon Master

The Storth Lagoon Master is the ideal machine for use in a lined lagoon, with or without a cover. The Lagoon Master has a 55mm drive shaft with maintenance free roller bearings and a mechanical seal in the main drive shaft tube which is oil filled to produce smooth running.

Either side of the main drive tube are two suction pipes which can be used to draw off slurry, these tubes are also used to provide strength to the machine. The high-pressure nozzle should be bolted to a fixed concrete slab at the bottom of the lagoon. The divert nozzle can be adjusted at the top of the machine with a handle.

If the Lagoon Master is used in a lagoon with a cover, the cover is protected from the propeller by the guard frame and the propeller housing. To give maximum performance you require 130hp to drive the machine. This machine comes in two lengths: 11 metres and 16 metres. 3-phase electric models are also available.

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