Key Features

  • Versatile range available 4.6m (15ft), 6.1m (20ft) or 7.6m (20ft)
  • Fully galvanised metal work for extended product life
  • Low power requirement from 45kW (60Hp)
  • Robust 50mm (2″) drive shaft and bearings

  • Sturdy headstock designed to withstand lateral forces
  • Heavy duty main tube protection bar
  • Low maintenance Storth wet run fluted bottom bearing
  • Super efficient 650mm bolt on propeller

  • Strong propeller protection leg

System Advantages

  • Simple prove agitation for small to medium sized lagoons
  • Low capital investment cost
  • Proven design and operation for over 20 years
  • manoeuvrable and flexible around lagoons and underground tanks

  • Low maintenance requirement