Key Features

  • Versatile range available from 3m (10ft) to 7.3m (24ft)
  • Fully galvanised metal work for extended product life
  • Heavy duty Rogelberg gearbox (1000rpm)
  • Strong 55mm drive line (shaft and bearings)
  • Special Storth cassette bearing and drive shaft wear collar
  • High output induction impellor, 18m3/min (4000 gal/min)
  • Maintenance friendly central bearing grease bank
  • Sediment busting lower tank jetter
  • Crust targeting top jetter with 300 degree rotation, 45 degree vertical movement
  • In cab comfort remote control

System Advantages

  • Flexible use with steel and concrete slurry stores
  • Powerful solution for large tanks
  • Ability to target both upper crusts and lower sediment
  • Adaptable for different sites with the optional trailer
  • Multipurpose option of 150mm pump discharge pipe