Grants 2018

Sustainable Production Grant aimed at addressing on-farm nutrient management and storage

What does the grant cover?

  •  Trailing Shoe
  • Tankers
  • Injectors
  • Umbilical Hose
  • Slurry Spreading
  • Slurry stores & slurry covers
  • Scraper systems

You can find out more information on our above products by selecting the ‘product tab’.

The grant overs the north & south of Wales.
Sustainable Production grant has started on the 3rd September and will be close on the 26th October. 

Please note that you must attend the events on the page below in order to be eligible for the grant.
How to apply for the grant?
The roadshow events can be found on the link below-

For more information on our products or for a quote please call Geraint Williams- 07464 548 576 alternatively call the office on 01524 781 900

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