Engine Pump Sets

Storth Engine Pump Stations (EPS’s) are designed to utilise the full potential of Bauer, Cornell, Cri-Man or DODA centrifugal chopper pumps. Each pump is specifically designed for the EPS application and gives high flow pump performance, whilst operating at low engine speeds. This ensures the best possible fuel efficiency with the highest performance available.

Each pump unit is designed and built to meet your specific pumping requirements, whether you are an agricultural user or industrial contractor.

Two models the “Contractor” and “ContractorPlus” are available, both make use of a 173HP engine and encompass purpose designed engine and pump management systems.


Fitted with a manual control panel which gives the operator start/stop, throttle up/down control, rev counter, hour meter, low oil pressure and high water-pressure protection. Built over a 650lt  fuel tank the unit comes with a Hertell B400 primer which is directly coupled to 5hp petrol generator and pump output pipework.

Contractor Plus

Encompasses purpose designed engine and pump management systems. These give fully automatic control providing the user with single person pumping capability from the spreader tractor seat with a range up to 2km (UHF).

A radio link allows remote start/stop of the pump, increase/decrease demand pressure or throttle position, and selection between pumping to field or pumping back to tank/lagoon.

Built over a 650lt diesel tank the unit incorporates the same primer and 5hp generator as the “Contractor” version.

Output slurry flow can be either to field output pipe or back to tank/lagoon pipe, this decision is taken by the spreading tractor operator. At the touch of a button slurry direction is chosen and an electric actuators are operated open-close the relevant 6″ gate valves.

Optional Equipment:

+2km Remote Control Systems (VHF)

200hp+ Engine

Trailed Versions

Sound Proofed Canopy

Flow Meter

Pressure Meter

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