Dribble Bar +12

BackPac Dribble Bar

BackPac Dribble Bars are available in various widths from 9 to 28m and work with two Vogelsang distributors to ensure even distribution across the complete application width. Slurry is placed on the ground at 30mm intervals via rigid end hose ensuring nutrients from liquid manure are put to effective use . With the increase in working widths come added forces these are handled by a 3-point linkage with reinforced supporting frame to absorb high traction.

The flexibility of the BackPak range is unquestionable however to keep things simple Storth stock a “Classic” ContractorPlus 24/18m BackPak complete with Hydraulic Solenoid Control, Full Hydraulic Fold & Active Slope Compensator, Comfort Flow Control (CFC) -Partial Width Switching.


BackPac Dribble Bar

Compax combines innovative dribble bar linkage with modern self-propelled vehicles. Compax2 dribble bar linkage and self-propelled vehicles represent a powerful combination for liquid manure spreading that is gentle on the soil. The design of the Compax2’s folding technology was tailor-made for use with a self-propelled vehicle: Compax2 folds away completely behind the vehicle, not impairing the driver’s view or increasing the vehicle’s width.

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