Chopper Pumps

DODA L35 Contractorplus

Initially slurry is shredded by means of a chopper propeller. This is thread mounted on the end of the main impeller drive shaft. operating at speeds up to 2750rpm it initates slurry flow to the impeller. The 8 blade, 350mm diameter impeller works in conjuction with the simple cutting flange to provide the chopping mechanism. 

DODA come into their own in terms of simplicity and security. The pump wet end and gearbox are totally seperate, any mechanical seal failure is instantly visable with no opportunity for gearbox contamination. operators should note there is no dry running capacity. HD models come as standard with the intutively designed oil cooling jacket which used the induced slurry to assist with cooling the gearbox oil on long pumping days. 

Other options include the unique stone/debris tap. 

Bauer SX1000

Bauer’s unique initial spiral- draw chopping mechanism is integrated into the impeller. It gives a smooth and consistent feed drawing slurry through the ribbed inlet manifold which acts as as shear bar. Once on the main housing, slurry is further processed by the spheroidal graphite iron impeller which is finsihed with hardened cutting edges. 

The four lade 348mm impeller spins at 2600rpm and works against a chromium steel cutting flange. pump wet end gearbox secruity is provided by silicum carbide mechinal seal complete with an oil reservoir, which gives limited dry running capacity. 

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