Key Features

  • Versatile range available in 125mm (5′), 150mm (6″) or 200mm (8″)
  • Fixed or hydraulic adjustable lengths available 1.5m (5′) to 3.6m (12′).
  • Fully galvanised metal work for extended product life
  • Heavy duty Rogelberg gearbox (540rpm)
  • Low power requirement from 60kW (80Hp)

  • Large flow rates up to 1225 m3/hr (4500 gal/min)
  • Head pressure up to 2.7 Bar
  • Main drive bar slide protection bar
  • Low maintenance Storth wet run fluted bottom bearing
  • Super efficient 4 blade impellor, 610mm (24″) drum

  • Efficient 300° rotation, 90° agitator head

System Advantages

  • High capacity short distance pumping
  • Incredible agitation capacities
  • Versatile due to mobility
  • Flexible because of variable depth
  • Nimble in terms of pit access
  • Accurate mixing through head flexibility
  • Clean, not PTO disengagement required between pits

  • Safe full hydraulic kit tractor seat kit (optional)
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