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Hydraulic Scraper Systems

Key Features

  • One Power Unit can run upto 6 passages
  • Above ground Ram Boxes or Ground mounted options available
  • Two Power Unit Options
  • Proven Track design to minimise wear
  • Unique Cow Down Facility as standard
  • 24 Programmable Automatic sequences
  • Range of Options to suit every building
  • Full Service and Maintenance from Storth

The Storth Hydraulic Scraper System has been developed with a number of unique options not found on any other hydraulic scraper systems on the market.
Our Hydraulic Scraper System provides you with a high quality system that requires minimal maintenance with a long life cycle.

Using over 30 years of experience with automatic Scraper Systems we deliver the design, installation and service that is needed to suit your buildings to have a trouble free system for many years.

Power Units

​Designed and manufactured in house using high quality components.

Single Pump unit suitable for operating one passage at a time with a single oil pump.

The more powerful Tandem Oil pump is suitable for longer passages or operating two passages at the same time and run at the same speed.

All Storth Power Units can operate up to 6 Passages.

Our power units are fitted with our class leading “Cow Down” safety feature, monitored by a pressure transducer.

Storth Power Units are user friendly and are supplied fully programmable for automatic use.

Above Ground Ram Box

Above Ground Ram Boxes are used when there is more area available outside the building and there is low traffic and cow movement. The unit is supplied with a removable protective cover.

Sunken Ram Box

Storth offer a range a ram box options to suit any building layout.

The unrivalled design of the Storth Sunken Ram Box is the most popular choice of Ram Box. This is placed at the end of the building and takes up no space as the ram is housed in a sump underneath the passage. No Electrics are housed in the ram box; this allows for trouble free running of the scraper as slurry cannot enter any electric component to cause a problem.

Passover Ram Box

Passover Ram Boxes can be placed anywhere in the passage allowing the hydraulic pipes to be directed to anywhere in the building and not only at the end of the building like a standard Sunken Ram Box.

The Passover Ram Box is also used if the passage is to be extended behind the original Ram Box.

Central Track Systems

The Storth Central Track System is unique in providing both Top and Bottom track as standard on every Hydraulic Scraper System. No other company offers this track system as standard.

Why is the Storth Central Track System the best?

The 120mm x 6mm bottom track bridges any cracks, gaps or unevenness in the floor. This allows the Top Track which is fitted over it to slide better, resulting in reduced wear and so giving a longer service life.

The top track runs on top of the installed bottom track to reduce wear.

Fully Galvanised.

Rounded Profile top track for a more animal friendly solution.

Heavy Duty track available.


Storth Scraper Blades

Storth Scraper Blades are designed to give an even scrape and clean passage on every run. For Optimum strength they are manufactured from 8mm Steel and have a galvanised main beam.

They are manufactured in a range of standard sizes to fit any passage width.

Offset Scraper Blades

​Storth also offer Offset Scraper Blades which are commonly used in feed passage to prevent the cow from standing on the track whilst feeding.

Folding Scraper Blades

​Folding Scraper Blades are used in passages where vehicular access is needed. The wings can be folded by simply removing two pins.

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